Non dependant deductions

housing benefit cut by £ caring for family member who lives at home. can afford to pay towards rent out of there disabilty benefit. Enhanced Pip and eas middle rate care mobility was dla and in support group…

Hi Dill,
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I suggest you contact the helpline about this as they will have up to date benefits knowledge or be able to help signpost you to the right help

Our telephone Carers UK Helpline service is available Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0808 808 7777 (including bank holidays, with the exception of Easter Monday). Alternatively, you can contact our Helpline service by emailing at any time.

Or the Citizens Advice Bureau

That doesn’t sound right at all. My son is disabled, gets full Housing Benefit.

BB …but your son lives in his own flat and pays rent.

The exrta amount for the support group. Disability guarenteed amount. And amount needed to live on. Is counted as income. And is deducted from the tenants housing benefit. As non dependent deduction
But is not deducted from tenents council tax support
As not counted as non dependant income.
It is not deducted as non dependent income if i was claiming universal credit.
But is deducted as on guaranteed pension credit…
Yes if he had his own flat. He would get housing benefit.
I contacted the numbers you gave. Melly1 thank you.
.got Lots of info about rights with bailiffs and debt collectors.

The benefits system is ridiculously complicated. The helpline made me £50 a week because they knew DWP rules better than DWP! I’ve also found local council officers don’t know the rules for housing benefit very well, or those for Council Tax. I’ve helped a number of people claim exemption from council tax and get very substantial refunds as those with dementia are exempt from council tax!

Hello bowlingbun.
I also never knew about smi discount or carers council tax discount. So never applied. Now backdated years. I am realy grateful to the person who knew.and helped.
The carers advice line is good.

Hi Dill, just claiming that one benefit can make a huge difference to a person’s financial situation. In the past I’ve known many people ask their council if their loved one can have a discount for being disabled? Then being told No, without the council ever asking what sort of disability. I have made lots of people very happy to learn of this. On holiday in Majorca there was someone walking, but who was obviously mentally impaired, accompanied by his wife. We were on a coach tour but he struggled to get up the steps of the coach. His wife and I had a chat, she told me her husband had a stroke, some years previously. I explained about my brain damaged son. Her husband was claiming Attendance Allowance already, so she went home knowing that once she had the Council Tax refund, she could easily afford another holiday!