Son with ptsd for 3 years following being attacked

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I have been caring for my son for 3 years following a serious knife attack on him where he sustained some serious injuries. Long story short, he had focused so much on his physical recovery and has tried so very hard to get rid of the mental pain, however it is not only crippling to him, it is to our family, my husband and I and our daughter. He is 22 years of age and we have absolutely now run out of strength. He refuses to accept that his behaviour is now concerning, and that we have concerns for him, he refuses to speak with any professional for many reasons, as he was failed by the entire court system here and feels that no-one cares or understands. I am constantly living on my nerves, have been diagnosed with complexed ptsd myself and have been having therapy for 2 years, however I cannot move forward as its like living in hell, I feel that I have lost my son, and I do not know who he is any more. I am frightened of what each day has in store, as the slightest thing raises my anxiety and he is just so very tortured. He cannot sleep at night, and has not done since. I am just so worried. I feel like he is a ticking bomb. Any support from other carers would be really helpful, thank you.

Do you feel your counselling is not working?
Maybe time to find a new counsellor?

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So sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds really tough on all of you. I’m sure people with more experience with mental health issues will be along to offer support but meanwhile have you looked at the Mind resource pages? there’s lots there which might be useful for both of you:

Victim support also has lots of resources for victims of crime and their families:

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just a fleeting answer as I need to go and collect S.

Here is the link to Mind, as suggested by Jane,