Some shops including carers in the priority opening hours

This is from Carers in Hertfordshire. Well worth checking with shops if the same applies in your area.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and panic buying, many supermarkets have set aside times, usually at the start of the day, for vulnerable people such as the elderly and NHS workers to buy groceries and essential supplies.
We’re pleased to share that many of the Marks & Spencer and Waitrose stores in Hertfordshire have said they are happy to include unpaid carers during these times, as they understand people are looking after someone who is ill, disabled or elderly, and depend on them. We have not been able to confirm that carers are included by other chains, but will provide further updates if we are able to do so.
If you do go to the supermarket during these times you may be asked to show them your Carers in Hertfordshire Carers’ Passport ID card.
Please check with your local store or the various supermarket websites or social media accounts about their arrangements for priority shopping periods.
If you have any questions about the Carers’ Passport or wish to discuss your caring role and how we can support you call us on 01992 58 69 69 or email >


Plenty of supermarket announcements are being made daily.

Strip the usual blurb out and then see for yourselves locally … are there essentials on those shelves ?

All supermarkets will be falling over themselves to gain market share … coronavirus or no coronavirus.

Let the shelves do the talking !

Carers in Hertfordshire Carers’ Passport ID card ?

How many carers within Hertfordshire have one ?

If they don’t , no admission to " Happy hour " ?

As mentioned on another thread , a carers card accepted nationwide … first muted in 2004.

I posted this info because it hadn’t occurred to me to ask if I could enter stores in the priority hours.

Because of the post from our local carers charity I now do know. Hopefully some other people now know because of my post and can make use of the info if it is useful for them.

If anyone else sees a post for other areas and other stores then they could share it here to build up a library of info.

I will ask Carers in Hertfordshire if they know how carers without the passport could get access to these stores. I’ll post here if they respond.

It will be different store to store and area to area but the info might be useful to someone.

Informative post.

Try the main bible for local mutual aid groups … your local ones will know what’s going on at street level for ALL vulnerable people.

Time to think outside that carer box … coronavirus is not selective.
Mutual aid social media groups - Google Sheets

In many low income areas , the local food banks may well be the new hubs around … the focal point of a local group.

New link for the coronavirus mutual aids groups :