Social Services Law

What area of law does social services come under when making a claim?

Community care law? Family law?

Most solicitors don’t cover claims against social services, which I’m shocked.

Needs to be a specialist Community Care Lawyer.

No one does it. Or more like they can bother their ar** to do it.

The amount of solicitors who said its so and so deals with it and when you call them they say so and so does it they put you in a rat wheel.

Just search “Legal Aid Solicitor” on Google, with the name of the county or city where you live.

I contacted 10 law firms who cover child and personal injury claims against social service none of them are qualified to deal with social services regarding personalisation/social or health funding issues! Theres 1 firm who I think guide you but charge £200 and may not be able to help you but guide you in the right direction skeptical about them.