Legal Case Against Social Services

Has anyone been down this road?

I’m dithering if I should make a backdated claim as they have approved my mothers budget, however my brothers budget is in limbo and I feel if i do make a case they will stop my mothers budget as theres a pending legal claim?

I’m not sure why a legal claim for one relative would stop payments is DP’s for another relative?


I hope it wouldn’t effect it but i’m looking at it similar to the benefit system where 1 benefit can effect other benefits.

I remember I had a carers assessment when advised, but should of used my own discretion and had it later after putting my brothers DP through as it conflicted and they used my refusal of carer respite services as a tool to deny my brother DP a switch from option 2 to option 1.

They claimed they needed a fresh new assessment in Aug 2019 while in July 2019 they closed the case down without informing us, leaving the new assessment null and void.