Situation tragic, not funny

I find our situation tragic rather than funny. We are 21st century slaves. In theory my son has funding for carers 34 hours a , plus day services. This week his rota says he’s getting 19, the other 15 hours, £240 worth, will be claimed by the provider but not received, and the LA isn’t interested! Inevitably, that means he wants me to do more for him. I looked after him for a whole week recently, not received a penny! I left a note for staff asking them to take some of the things in his shed to the tip, 3 miles away. Not done. I’ve asked for them to arrange for the council to collect a chair that is broken. Not done. Needs new boots, new shorts, can I arrange them? I wouldn’t mind them walking round the boot sale if they’d done all they were supposed to do, but the tip is only a mile from there…

It might be worth contacting the District Auditor. They should be unhappy with paying for services not received. Contact Southern Internal Audit Partnership | Business and economy | Hampshire County Council (

So unjust, BB; not fair on M, you or the tax payer

I’ve already made one formal complaint, despite providing a copy of the staff rota showing a huge shortfall, they decided M was getting the right amount of care?!
I have another rota, showing a similar shortfall. Just wrote to the person responsible for the Complaints Team, and emailed it to her, pointing out the Care Act says assessed needs must be met, and that the Data Protection Act says records must be up to date and accurate. Also reminding her that M hasn’t been able to ride his bike for 4 years.

It looks the most innocent of emails, but it isn’t. I just want her to confirm in her reply that they don’t care about the standard of care!

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