My tale of woe – may help others

I hope someone will dissect my problem for themselves – so that they may be made aware of how bad it can be, when the people in charge of their ailing parent are incompetent.

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Oh how dreadful! Can you switch companies or not? If you do decide she needs a care home, make sure you research them carefully, there are good and bad ones across all areas of the UK. Read reviews and take a list of questions to ask during your visit too. Pay attention to your gut feeling when looking around the care home. Bring a pen to make notes in addition.

Contact the Care Quality Commission about these unprofessional members of staffs to make a official complaint as well.

Oh no, the “Care” Coordinator is NHS. Completely unprofessional in her lack of communication. My mam complained to her directly - that she’s hard to get hold of. She makes decisions that have life altering consequences. She changes your life - then the next time you bump into her - she just smiles - as if nothing has changed. Like a dog that’s eaten your steak - just looks at you as if you’re the one who has the problem.

I suggest that you make a “Subject Access Request” to the organisation that employs this woman, ask for copies of everything which she has written about you and mum - so enclose a copy of the Lasting Power of Attorney. They have 30 days to comply, otherwise contact the Information Commissioner. Once you have read it, and I suspect it will be unprofessional, complain to her employers and get her sacked! Revenge is a dish best served cold!

^wss^. All of it.