Caring taking its toll

Hi everyone really need some advice been in agony for the past year or so but the last two months have been the worse. I have Copd angina and other health issues. Saw a specialist got lots of tests as the pain is so bad I can’t even use my arms and says I have fibromyagia. I’m a carer of 3 young adults as well as there appointees been so much to do appointments paperwork as well as the normal caring. My youngest who is the hardest to deal with has been excluded again and now at evening school 2/3 hours only so no time to try to recharge
I’m really struggling and could use some help even if it’s just someone taking over all the paperwork. I’ve still not got round to claiming uc for one of my sons as I don’t have the energy to deal with anything else.
Any advice appreciated

What is the problem with your children? ie, why are they special needs?

Ask Social Services for an URGENT Carers assessment.

They have autism learning difficulties mental health problems they can’t deal with other people at all especially people they don’t know.
I did try social services a few weeks ago to ask if I could get some help was told they are sorry but I don’t meet the criteria

Whatever the outcome Social Services CANNOT refuse to do a Carers Assessment. Go back to them and insist they do one.