Side Supports for Wheelchair?

My dad who has vascular dementia has a new wheelchair but he leans sidewards. Any recommendations for supports or side cushions? They seem limited. Thanks

If it was supplied by your local “Wheelchair Services” it’s best to take it up with them.

Matrx backrests are the only ones that I know of, but the wheelchair has to be able to accept them, they won’t just fit any wheelchair.

Ooh ooh ooh I have same problem with me mum. She has Parkinson’s and what’s called the Parkinson (leaning tower of ) Piza so slumps to one side

We asked Ocupational therapy but they couldn’t really help either…

Someone suggested a wingback chair but I think it would be so uncomfortable for her

So still looking for solution

Also looking for a push bar that you can fit on a wheelchair so you push the wheelchair like a shopping trolley as I’m sure it would help my back

Or if anyone has a wheelchair that came with it I would appreciate the model number

Wheelchairs with a side support ?

Internet search using the exact same words … by images :

If any appeal , click on image … side window will open with details.