Wheelchair/winch problems

Hi, I’m new to this carer’s forum, so am not sure if this is allowed. I need advice from anybody that has a winch in their car to transport their relative around. It’s a problem with the wheels. Going into the car is fine, but reversing out the wheels spin and jam on the side of the ramp, there is no wheel lock on this wheelchair that would hold the wheels straight. Is there a devise I can buy that I can clip on when I power the chair down the ramp…it really hurts my shoulders when this happens. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you.

Hi Lisa … welcome to the forum.

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To save , possibly , a lengthy wait , a link to an outside forum which may be of assistance :

Wheelchair winch. | Screwfix Community Forum

A commercial site but with an online community forum.

Hopefully , others with a similar problem will be along to add their recommendations.

Thanks Chis, hopefully someone might have an answer… :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

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Says it all … merely window shopping ?

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If I’ve understood your problem properly would an elasticated “bungee” cable help ?

This kind of thing
which could be hooked over the wheels from oe side of the chair to the other.

I found these on Amazon (just to illustrate) but they are available everywhere and come in lots of different sizes

There’s much I’m not understanding here.

Is the wheelchair electric or manually powered?
Are you keeping straight when you reverse out?
What’s causing the wheels to spin?
Is the winch set up to allow you to drive/wheel out under some restraint?
Are you going too fast for the winch on the way out causing the wheelchair to drag sideways into the edge of the ramp?