Severely Disabled Quadruple Cerebral Palsy

A letter in one of the papers raised quite a few social care issues.
A intelligent young lady with as the title says can barely do anything due to cerebral palsy, needs 24 hours help and support but does not get it due to council funding cuts.

She needs help to do any activity in or out the house, but only receives 5 hours a week out of the house with a carer.

As the letter points out, the young lady wants to eat out, go around the shops, go to the theatre, see family and friends, all normal activitys for a young person.

She is reduced to online shopping and microwave meals.

She would love to go out in the day with her mobility car but needs a regular driver.

An intelligent young woman stuck at home and just cannot have much of a life due to her disability.

So I hope the letter writer doesn’t mind me posting on this forum and raising these issues.

I have the same problem with some of my carees they want to go out for the day but need extra help.

There are take you out for the day services, but that’s it, they provide the transport but don’t provide any extra help or support, we don’t push wheelchairs and we DON’T toilet, you would need to bring your own carer.
They seem to be aiming at fairly well 50’s/60’s people who have perhaps lost their partner or lonely and have no transport.

Social Services only provided home care, don’t provide any out of home help, you have to pay for it yourself.

It was only when me or another friend stepped in to help the caree’s could go for a meal or Christmas shopping or go to the seaside for the day.

Its just really bad, really unfair.

Multiply that one young lady by 2 / 3 … even 4 million to get the true scale of the problem.