Severe Disability Premium, Income Support & My Son

I’m a carer for my adult son, and get Carers Allowance. I also get Income Support, and just got PIP for myself. After this, I received an IS10 form asking for information to see if I’m able get a SDP premium added to my income support.

This is a bit complicated as my adult son lives with me, and gives me money each month to help with food/bills. The form asks how much he puts towards food/rent, and I’m not sure if it’d impact my IS? I think my son also getting PIP means I can still get SDP with him living with. Would this impact my Income Support in any way as I know you’re only allowed so much in savings, or not matter being as my son gets PIP? Not sure if worth returning the form.

Sorry if this the wrong place to ask. What I’m trying to ask is, depending on the amounts I say my son gives me for food, could they then take that off my IS or am I overthinking it?

Do NOT ignore the form.

Contact the Carers UK helpline before completing it. The rules are very complicated, so you need specialist advice.