Carers and severe diablement premium


I need some advice regarding giving up Carer’s Allowance.

I am a carer for my brother who is on the higher rate of Attendance Allowance and I have been receiving Carer’s Allowance for a few years.
I am on ESA in the support group and consequently I get a reduced rate due to overlapping benefits. From what I have read it appears that my brother has been missing out on Severe Disablement Premium of £67.30 a week because I am receiving Carer’s Allowance.

Since I don’t receive the full amount of ESA due to the Carer’s Allowance it appears there is a shortfall of around £30 a week in the overall amount we both receive.

I have Lasting Power of Attorney for my brother and realize I have made a mistake in looking after his finances.

I am due to receive my state pension in December of this year and will no longer be entitled to Carer’s Allowance so I am wondering if giving CA up now will allow my brother to receive the Severe Disablement Premium of £67.30.

I know four months of SDP only amounts to a difference of around £30 a week, but it adds up and I will have done my best for him financially.

thanks in advance


You have done nothing wrong.
He is not entitled to SDA as someone is looking after him, you!
You do the caring, so the money is yours. If you didn’t get Carers Allowance you would be required by DWP to look for work!

What is the matter with your brother?
I would suggest you ring our helpline to make sure you are claiming absolutely everything you are both entitled to.

Thanks for the reply.

I think you are right that I should use the helpline.

I will honestly never understand the SDP being taken from someone who has a carer or someone living with them as a carer. I mean, you’re not any less disabled for requiring care/support, in fact, you probably have higher disability needs than most. It’s a ridiculous system!