Selling the house to fund nursing home fees

Hi all
The family have been told that dad has to into a nursing home so we will have to sell the property to fund his care… problem is i live at the property and have done for nearly 5 years caring for both parents this will leave me homeless is there any advice you can give me

Hi Sandy.

The following link will be of immediate assistance :

Do I have to sell my home to pay for care? | Age UK
Your home, assets and residential care or nursing home fees | nidirect

Others will be along on the residency side … I assume that you are under 60 years old ?

I assume no question of CHC / Nursing Funded Care ?

Thanks chris i will check this out later after work. I’m 54

I’ll also add another link … a bit premature but … Shelter :

Both AGE UK and Shelter will have expertise to help you.


That’s a council telling lies again!!!
What is wrong with him that makes residential care essential?
Is he currently in hospital.

Google “Paying for Residential Care” and read up about "Exemptions "first of all, and Deferred Payments.
Is he currently receiving Attendance Allowance.
Has anyone mentioned NHS Contining Healthcare?
Funded Nrusing Care.
12 week Disregard?


Just in case it’s need , the BIBLE on hospital discharges :
Being discharged from hospital - NHS

In short … by the book or … NO discharge !

Although you are under 60, as this is your home, they should not make you homeless. There was a court case involving a similar situation a few years ago, but I can’t remember all the details at the moment, but they are somewhere here on the forum.

Interesting thread on the GransNet forum , BB … a bit dated :

Will we be made homeless | Gransnet

Will we be made homeless ?

86 posts worth.

I’ve just looked up the Gransnet link, there are some really horrible posts there, I was disgusted. Even worse, no one seemed to realise that as the person concerned had a child under 16, they qualified for having the house disregarded!!
I’ll try to find the info I posted on here later, but my lounge has to be entirely emptied by the end of the afternoon ready for the plasterers, decorators etc.!!

More on the disregard issue … AGE UK :

Do I have to sell my home to pay for care? | Age UK


Does my home have to be included in the means test ?

In some situations, your home won’t be taken into account in the means test.

There are a few circumstances where this applies :

If you need temporary or short-term care only, your home won’t be included in the means test.

Your home also won’t be counted if it’s still occupied by:

your partner or former partner, unless they are estranged from you
your estranged or divorced partner IF they are also a lone parent
a relative who is aged 60 or over
a child of yours aged under 18
a relative who is disabled.

I searched for “care home property disregard court case” and came up with several things relevant to the case i mentioned.

AS LONG AS YOU ARE A RELATIVE LIVING IN THE HOME when the person goes into residential care, the value of the home has to be disregarded.

… provided said relative is aged 60 or over.

Roll on that Green Paper … 100-1 shot … might be a change.

Sorry Chris,

The court case established a new principle.
As long as you have NO OTHER HOME TO GO TO the house should be disregarded.

Therein lies another paradox … no mention of the possible get out bit on the major web sites dealing with disregard …
as with the case of the bit extracted from AGE UK posted earlier.

( A bit odd as one could always become a btl tenant … even if the taxpayer pays most of the rent through Housing Benefit ?
I’m not defending the Law , merely adding an observation. )

Let’s hope that the Green Paper either claifies the position or , preferably , changes the whole ball game … social care
funded through general taxation … just like the NHS !!!

My fingers go on automatic the number of times I’ve typed that last bit !