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I am 55 and look after my 78 year old mum who has dementia/Alzheimer’s. I moved into her home after divorce nearly 5 years,ago now. My sister has recently mentioned going into sheltered accommodation. If the sale of her house went through, even though she was in shelteres accommodation, would they make her pay for care, as she would have money from the sale of her house?

Hi Moira.

A new thread will assist here … the bare basics of care home considerations , costs for social care and other issues :

Sheltered accomodation ?

Age UK … full sp :

Sheltered housing | Housing choices | Age UK

No mention so far as to your future plans … and abode ?

Thanks Chris. I think I will manage to be with my mum as her Carer in sheltered accommodation.

Your welcome.


In fact , my recommendation is to seek expert advice from AGE UK.

One does not normally associate family carers with sheltered accomodation.
( Service charges levied … check into those … and note what AGE UK have to say … second link. )

WHICH? have a very good " Pros and cons " guide on sheltered housing … worth reading for the basics :

What is sheltered housing? - Which?

Taking on a caring role for a parent with dementia is like a ticking time bomb.

Eventually , there will come a time when only specialist nursing care will be the only real option.

( Even CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare may enter the equation. )

What then ?

Time to talk through all the options … and related issues … power of attorney / wills / housing … with the experts.

The very last thing you want is to be made homeless … a possibility that needs to be eradicated even now.

Benefits / allowances … another area that needs attention … specially if outside care enters the equation ( See the first link
for the basics. )

Selling a house and moving into cheaper accommodation isn’t as simple as it sounds. Even if you moved in with mum, if she then needed care or nursing home accommodation, she might have to sell the cheaper accommodation to pay for her care, leaving you potentially homeless. A move at a great age can be incredibly unsettling, to say nothing of disposing of lots of stuff with memories. Better to bring extra care into her current home in my opinion. I’ve met too many people who have regretted moving and leaving behind not just the house but the familiar neighbourhood.