Shielded Soul Carer

Looking for advice. My son is soul carer for 2yr old son. My son is in the shielded group due to asthma and borderline COPD. He lives with his partner but she cannot have soul care of the child due issues in her past. They are not under social services. Who are best people to talk to about what support or what happens if he get COVID19 as he will probably be in hospital. Even if his partner came to live in our house it would have to be after 2 weeks isolation as my husband has MS and I am diabetic. So that would mean his partner and his son 2 weeks alone and she cannot have soul care of the child

Hi Sheona,

under normal circumstances, social care would organise emergency foster care if a child’s main carer was hospitalised or very unwell and no one else could step in. Are their any other family members or friends who could stay with her and the little boy for two weeks, should the worst happen?

Another solution, would be for his partner to move out, as if he and the little boy are self isolating, they are much less likely catch coronavirus or as a family all three of them could self isolate, to keep safe.


Thanks for the response and to be honest I thought this would be the answer. She cannot go to her parent as she is not allowed access to children so she cannot oversee her daughter and the child. My other son has 2 children and he is still working so his partner has her hands full. We dread having to have anything to do with local social services as had extremely stressful time causing baby to be premature, they were appalling. They gave us other peoples records in error, falsified reports and solicitors had to step in. Even the chair of the Child Protection Board gave the an official warning. Have no confidence in them.

Sheona, is his partner self isolating too?


Yes as much as possible. Only going out for minimal food and nappies etc and doctors

Then as long as she is taking all sensible precautions, it sounds as if they are doing the best they can to stay safe. Would they get volunteers to deliver food and nappies to lessen the risk further? (Covid 19 mutual aid group or similar)


Yes we drop off what we can so they stay in as much as possible - worrying times for everyone