MIL with dementia - how do we know when to be concerned?

MIL now in care home for 2 months but not settled at all. She is frightened of a man there who she says has hit her 3 times. No member of staff has seen this happen and last time he was well-nigh bed ridden when she says he hit her. Whether the events are happening or not she is clearly very frightened. Any one been through this dilemma please?
Thanks for any insight.

Hi Nicole
Maybe talk to the manager of the home about this situation. Your MIL could be having hallucinations. My lovely late husband did for a while. The GP prescribed medication which helped. Sadly it’s often part of dementia. Very heartbreaking.

Thanks for the response. The home has decided to speak to the doctor already about how anxious she is. Good idea to flag up the possibility of hallucinations too.

My Mum used to get anxious about things. There seemed to be phases like thinking someone was stealing her crochet hooks (they weren’t) and after a while that stopped. The next thing was saying that other people came in and used her toilet and I could NOT convince her that they didn’t because every single room had it’s own loo. The staff explained this over and over but she wouldn’t believe it. That one lasted several months and then stopped. Maybe your MIL will follow the same path.