Seasonal work and carers

hi some advice please i get carers allowance but i took on a seasonal job it ended on 31st december and first started 14th december i didnt get paid weekly but got one off payment last week of just over £1000 what do i do now, im not in any work now i still looked after my carer for 35 hrs week

Hi Lucy.

My immediate reaction is to contact the DWP and advise them accordingly.

Without an explanation , the one off payment might ring alarm bells with them.

There’s no hiding place from them.

Seasonal / irregular earnings ?

Full sp on the Turn2Us site :

Calculating work hours: Seasonal Workers - Turn2us

Even more complex if Universal Credit has been rolled out on your manor ?

Anyone juggling work with caring is limited to £ 120 PER WEEK whilst claiming Carers Allowance at the same time.

1p more and the whole of Carers Allowance is lost !

Not something new , tens of threads mention this stretching back many years.

As I type , nobody reading this posting wants to be in the DWP’s sights … at anytime :

I assume that you took steps to stay within that limit ???

The usual pension route and / or with allowable expenses ?