Schizophrenia and tenancy agreement

Daughter, 36, is recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. In the lead up to sectioning she was living with me but I asked her to find somewhere else to live. Those in that position can probably understand why. The council could not offer her somewhere, even emergency housing, as she has not lived here for 2 years (well she has for 30 years off and on, but just 6 months this time). But they put her in touch with a private rental in the next town accepting Housing Benefit, and daughter signed the tenancy agreement less than a week after coming out of hospital.
Not ideal timing but she had said for a couple of years she wanted her own place, and HB accepting places aren’t common round here. We moved her in and she lasted 24 hours before coming home, admitting she cant cope. She is really low, miserable, depressed, anxious, afraid of everything, lonely… such a contrast to the confident young woman she was, and the bolshy psychotic for that matter. So of course Ive taken her back (temporarily?)

So, firstly is there a cooling off period or is she stuck with her tenancy agreement (12 months, with an option to give notice after 6)
Then assuming she keeps it (hoping she’ll feel better soon) is there any legal or practical issues we should be aware of if she leaves it furnished but unoccupied for weeks at a time? Its a big block with 90 flats, she’s on top floor.
And in your experience is it realistic to expect in time her mood will lift and she will be capable of living independently? She has lived independently before all this illness took over.
This is all new to me, not really sure what to expect

Hi Squiffy.

Anything to do with B.T.L. property is best bounced off SHELTER … the experts in the field of housing.

If a standard AST , there will be a clause therein which covers occupancy … and the tenant’s obligations thereunder.

( If social housing , the same should apply. )

Her moving back in with you yet again is not solving anything, you are just going round and round in circles.
One day you won’t be around to help her any more, she needs more support from somewhere else.

What after care did the hospital arrange? Have Social Services done a Needs Assessment?

Ask social services to do a needs assessment. Have you looked at supported living or not?