Advice needed

I am a full time career for my elder brother Antony. He suffers with schizophrenia. We live together in private accommodation. The property is in extremely poor condition with black mould , leeking roof and wood rot and other serious issues . Our land lord say we have to leave the place in order for him to do the repairs ? But has no other propety he can put us in , and that we must find somewhere to live our self ?. Im am worried to deaf . I have tried to get help and advise about the best way to deal with this but just hit a brick wall . When a talk to the local authorities. We had help pre lock down from the local community health team ?but iv not heard from them for over a year ? I feel so trapped i just breakdown and cry even a i wright this . Iv tried sighnpost and other agencies and no boby seem to get back to me ?.:pensive:

Hi Kevin & welcome

What a horrible situation

Shelter UK

springs to mind.

Have you got a tenancy agreement and what dies it say re: major repairs and decanting.

Decanting – is a legal definition used to explain the process where residents are required to move from their homes for repair work to be undertaken.

Even if the land lord has no other properties they should still try and find you temporary accommodation. Or is the landlord not expecting to allow you to return to the property.

The landlord must give you in writing they intentions. You should then go to the council and/or housing associations in your area. So they can register you on there housing list and going to be potentially homeless.

Usually the letter needs to state a last date in the property. Otherwise housing will not be able to implement.

You have rights as a private tenant and if you are unable to move. Through lack of accommodation the land lord would have to go to court. The courts would not expect you to be made homeless. Regardless of the property is a health and safety to life issue. Which does seem to be the case. So this may be a good opportunity for you and your brother. To get decent alternative social housing property.

Have you tried Citizen’s Advise.