Young adult son: MH & housing crises in one

Young adult son. diagnosis schizophrenia with long history of hospital admissions, including sections and in hospital, rehab and community settings, going missing for varying lengths of time. Police are often involved. Also a long history of homelessness, for a number of years unbeknown to us as he wasn’t in touch and we had no idea where he was.

Most recently, he’s been in temporary council accommodation with a few to being referred to supported living. However, his council key worker hasn’t set the ball rolling and his MH team, pleasant though they are, haven’t dealt with his accommodation needs and are reluctant to consider S117 funding (I posted about this specifically in December).

A few days ago, he went off again, handed in his keys and terminated his tenancy. Council said he had capacity so accepted them and didn’t tell us until over 24 hours later. As the Police said, they’re not in a position to judge capacity when the person in front of them is clearly very unwell. He’s run out of money and been in touch - a predictable pattern of behaviour.

Council have said that’s it - no duty of care, nothing to do with them anymore. No more temp accommodation and no hope of getting onto the housing register and therefore a referral to supported living (the only pathway). Right now, husband is with son in local hospital - MH team advised that if he turns up over weekend, we go to A and E. But unlikely son will be willing to wait so may, yet again need to organise two night’s hotel until we know more on Monday.

Homeless accommodation is full which was the MH’s team next port of call after the council. Son has a psych assessment on Monday (anyway) but unlikely, as this rate, that the psychiatrist will be able to persuade the council to change its mind, even to allow him onto the regiter for onward referral to supported housing which is what he desperately needs.

In the past, his MH team has managed to persuade the coucil to have a change of heart and let him remain in temporary accommodation on the basis that when he walks out and hands in keys he’s lacking capacity and judgement but this time, they’re put their foot down - no chance. His support worker is worried, too, about his physical health. Very thin, very strange body movements, very weak and vague and appearing to have next to no memory of what he’s done and why.

Any advice on housing angle would be appreciated - especially how we can get son onto the register.

We’ve beggared ourselves (and we’re not well off and have younger kids) supporting our son’s housing needs, bringing him back from all over the UK etc, are working round the clock and feeling very, very depleted.

So sorry for your current situation.

Have you tried to speak with…

There is the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

But I am not sure of the progress whether it has been agreed and is now law.

The private members bill would make sure no one faces homelessness as they are not considered priority.
So that’s worth looking at, some councils anyway have support plans to make sure no one is homeless.

This link below gives some guidance, if you are disabled/vulnerable you should be given help.