Scared of reflection!

My Nan has recently stopped recognizing her reflection. Now when she sees her reflection she thinks that it is someone else, someone bad and will get angry cursing at the “person”, sometimes telling them to “go home” or “what are you doing in my house?”, even sometimes spitting at the “person”.
I have taken away the 2 mirrors from downstairs, however upstairs the bathroom cabinet doors are mirrors and her dressing table has a mirror set in it so I cannot get rid of them.This creates a problem and I really don’t know what to do. I have tried draping a cloth over the bathroom cabinet but Nan pulled it off. I have stuck some newspaper on her bedroom mirror but I can see that she already wants to pull it off. If she sees her reflection before bed this can make her agitated and unsettled.
I can manage with my Nan fine aside from this problem. I really need to know how I can solve or manage this.

PLEASE HELP! :frowning:

internet search…

much of what you have done to date…

I’ve recently discovered sticky back frosted glass, not in the context of dementia but to stop my lodger’s dogs seeing through the patio windows and barking at anything from blowing leaves to cats. I think it would work very well over your mirrored wardrobes. I bought it on line from Amazon.

this is the kind of film that Henrietta has mentioned

you can also buy it in rolls i Wilkinsons and most DIY stores. It’s very easy to fit and it can be cleanly removed at a later date.
Like Henrietta, a lot of my cat loving friends use it on their windows so that their cats can’t see out and get freaked by strange cats in the garden. (I’ve also used it on the windows of my garden shed so that prospective thieves can’t see whether my garden tools are worth breaking in for !)