Scared about homelessness

Hi all,

I might be being extremely paranoid but this is really bugging me.

I am 22 and my mum has MS. I am her primary carer, but she is able to do simple tasks . She stays at home whilst I go to work/study. We don’t have any other family to help.

I am so scared that I will be made homeless if my mum needs care/needs to go into a care home. I have been living with her in our home all my life. I will be going to uni in September (made the decision to stay at home), and I’m so scared that I am going to be without a home if my mum has to go into care. What in the world would I do if homeless and trying to study!?

Does anyone have any more information regarding this, if worst comes to worst? I have been pushing myself into debilitating anxiety over this :frowning:

Potential homeless ?

I assume a social tenant … LA or Housing Association ?

If so , the word SUCCESSION springs to mind.

In which case , have a read of SHELTER’s guidance on this :

Council tenant : Can you inherit a council tenancy? - Shelter England

Housing Association tenant : Can you inherit a housing association tenancy? - Shelter England

Or , a case of having to sell the family home to fund future care ?

In that case , AGE UK … all you need to know about the basics :

Do I have to sell my home to pay for care? | Age UK

On the caring front , Needs Assessment through your LA … upto date ?
Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Actual care … anyone mention CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … might well be an option :

Your mother … on the radar of The MS Society … might be worth bouncing that off them ?

I trust this will be of assistance ?

Hi L,

You can also talk to your student union welfare dept/ rep about this.


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You say that you are mum’s “primary carer” as she has MS. Does she get any care from Social Services? When did they last do a Needs Assessment for her, and a Carers Assessment for you? They should be updated annually, or when needs change.