Respite recommendations.

Would anyone have any recommendations for a care home in the Pontyclun area, for a PWD so that I could get a weeks break now and then? ( within 5 miles or so )

There are three Nursing homes near to you. I can’t give any recommendations for any of them one way or another, I can only find them.

The search below can be widened if necessary, just open the map out some more and click “Search this area”

Thanks Ajay, I was looking more for recommendations from people who had experience of a relative being in one of them. There are so many stories about good and bad places.

Start by looking at the Care Quality Commission website. All care homes have to be registered with them, and they are inspected and reports written.
Start by listing the 4 nearest to you, visiting them, finding out their fees, and getting a copy of their brochure.

Thanks for the info. When the Social services do a financial assessment, does it cover finances of the PWD who may be going to a care home, or does it mean both our incomes and savings? What I’m getting at is, for savings do they assess half of what’s in it, or the total? If they only assess my wife’s income and half of what is in savings, she would be below the limit.

In England, Social Services are supposed to give you a CHOICE of being assessed either singly or jointly.
However, as Pontyclun is in Wales I don’t know whether the same rules apply.
Google “Wales Charging for Care” and you should find the details you need.

Thank you. I shall look into it.