Finding the right nursing home?

Hi there,

My mother has Parkinsons and Parkinson’s dementia and a while ago we found a lovely nursing home that she went to for respite, which we extended indefinitely (6 weeks now) to see how she settled in. All was good until recently, as the nursing home say that they feel she needs somewhere where there is more one on one support, because of her falls risk. She can be very mobile at times but lacks awareness of her balance problems. The home said with the extra funding they could provide the extra support, but it was already expensive and would be self funded so we need to look elsewhere and maybe need to settle for somewhere less comfortable.

It’s hard enough looking for somewhere that has good reports, let alone finding out whether they will be able to provide the support needed. I’ve been in touch with Parkinson’ and others, but can’t seem to find any solid answers to the problem.

One home just told me that most places won’t have availability for one on one. She has also got a lot frailer in 6 weeks of respite and not sure whether to bring her home first as I feel she is giving up but is only 77 and can otherwise be very mobile despite her problems.

We’re in Scotland, any advice would be much appreciated :pray:

If she needs one to one care, and keeps falling, before you don anything else, ask for her to be assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare, which would give FREE care IF she qualified. However, even if she doesn’t, it gives an important benchmark which will help to show any future deterioration, which is sadly inevitable.

I’m not sure of the financial limits for support from Social Services in Scotland - be sure to find out exact policy, not what the home or Social Services think.

Hi, thanks.

I think in Scotland Continuing Healthcare had been replaced with Complexed Hospital Based care. I’m not entirely sure yet from my research if that only covers costs if she’s in hospital.

In England, if they qualify, does that mean the entire costs of a nursing home are covered regardless of a financial assesment?

But yes, thanks, I will try and find out the exact policy.

IF someone qualifies in England, it covers ALL costs. However, it’s a postcode lottery!