Respite care

My aunt reminds me that we can get free respite care for nan and I could use that to go away, however, I don’t like the idea of sticking nan in respite care.
I reckon that nan will realise that she is not in her house and will look for me and or ask for me. I don’t like the idea of sticking her overnight somewhere unfamiliar with a different routine without me or another family member.
Currently, she goes to the day centre once per week. Nan has always got on well with people but never been particularly social. At the day centre, she likes the staff and is happy to see them, though she sometimes looks for me later on in the day.
Also when I leave her with a friend for a few hours they have to lock the door as at some point she will try and leave. Even day her friend is over and I have gone to the garden but nan still calls for me.
I have been on a short holiday once this year whilst her daughter (my aunt) was over.

I just don’t think that respite care would be right for nan.
*also a big concern is that her dementia could get even worse after being in respite care.

Hi Yasmin,

respite care is tricky. It’s a case of balancing out your need for a break with Nan’s need for care. You are both equally important. Caring is hardwork and a break from caring can help you come back refreshed and more resilient and able to cope better.

Others on here will have experience of respite care for those with dementia, I’m sure they will be along.


" I’m not going in a care home just so you can have a break ! "

Infamous words uttered by my mother when respite care was muted by a visiting social worker some 22 years ago.

( The first … and last … time a SW and I crossed paths ! )

Got no further … the price tag was only mentioned at the end !