Respite care?

I am not even sure yet if I want to put my nan with dementia into respite care or not, but none the less I have heard we can get 2 weeks respite care per year with the majority of the costs being covered by a voucher. Is this correct or do you need a financial assisment first?

*Just to clarify I am talking about respite care at a nursing home.

I’m not sure if you are referring to a Needs Assessment for Nan or a Carers Assessment for yourself?
Both should be updated at least annually, or more frequent if needs change.

Needs and carer assessments through one’s LA is the usual stepping stone.

As for 2 weeks / pay by voucher … pass … a special scheme run by your LA ?

Direct payments / personal budgets come into play during those assessments.

Links for both :

The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

Quite a bit on " Respite care " recently following a scheme introduced by CUK itself … with the usual sting in the tail :

Just to clarify I am talking about respite care at a nursing home.

Yep … fun starts when the bill is presented.

Hence the Needs assessment , finances are part of that.

A few have posted under that CUK thread of the joys of placing one caree’s into residential care so that they can take a break.

Hmm…my aunt did a financial assessment to see if we could get free day care or at least free transport there but my nan has too much savings, so I suppose it will be much the same.

Yasmine, if nan has savings above £23,000 then she can easily afford 2 weeks in respite, it will not be provided by Social Services.

Is nan refusing to pay? Or have you not asked her?