'Residential' continuing care

Has anyone out there been awarded “Residential” Continuing Care?

If they have would be interested to know what kind of health need did the person in question have.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Joan … CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Covers a multitude of illnesses and conditions.

Main thread :


Within that thread , you will find all the qualifying criteria for such care … and , once granted , what each system provides as care.

We get this for my hubby. It was reviewed recently, just 6 months after initial decision. Still awaiting outcome of the review.
On top of care home charges he gets 13 hrs a day 1-1 staffing, and at the review night times have been mentioned. There is not a single thing he can do for himself and is a huge risk of falls. He is 58yrs old and in end stages of Alzheimers.