Report CHC Nurses to Nursing/Midwifery Council

Somewhere along the lines of the CHC chaos I heard about reporting the Nursing Assessors to the Nursing & Midwifery Council under Fitness to Practice. Has anyone else done that? Has it helped? Would you recommend it? As I have asked a legal advisor who sounded like it may not help, so having to weigh up whether it’s worth it. Thought I’d phone the case officer to check.

I wish I had reported mum’s assessor. Her interview technique was atrocious. In a past life I spent many hours interviewing people, she was positively cringeworthy, didn’t make any effort to speak up so mum could hear her. When I reminded her, she raised her voice for a few words, and then dropped it again. She was there before me, and I was early, then at the end of her seeing mum I was sent away. Later, I discovered she’d spent an extra 60-90 minutes talking to a member of staff!

It wasn’t to do with CHC, but I did report the nursing situation at my late husband’s nursing home. They would not entertain taking him back from the hospital, would not accept free training from the hospital staff, and would not explain to even the consultant as to the reason why.I wanted an answer on the actual nursing expectations from nursing homes. Never had a satisfactory answer, but they said it would be queried.