Mother in hospital, have requested chc assessment

Really dont know what to expect in terms of getting an assessment prior to discharge.

I read through all the chc advice online and it just doesnt sink in.

I keep crying and feel so overwhelmed by everythi g.

Luckily mother sounds hapoy and well, despite recent rectal bleeding and suspected heart attack!

She was in overnight and I slept sooooo well.

Will they do am assessment? Will they pay for any ofmher care?

Sorry to ask such basic questions I just cant seem to take in info from the massive page fulls online.

Well done , Jacqueline !

CHC / Continuing Healthcare ?




The hardest task for me was to create a thread that was easy to understand and navigate.

Virtually impossible given the nature of this beast.

Start with the video from Professor Luke Clements … visual as opposed to bland text.

This is one area where every carer REALLY earns their wedge … fighting their caree’s corner against a system designed to be complex … so as to dissuade many from completing the course.
For many , could be the difference between life and a premature death … literally.

Stay with it … we’re here to help if neeeded.

I have sent you a private message.
Take care of yourself.


For the moment, just concentrate on making sure that they investigate everything thoroughly, and REFUSE to have her home until they have made certain you feel it is sensible to discharge her.
A CHC checklist assessment can only take place when treatment is complete.

We have 2 carers four times a day. Will that simply continue? Do we get six weeks free again? I must tell the council that we are now below the 23,250 threashold.

Have spent most of today resting. Feel properly worn out. Dr for me next week I reakon.


We have 2 carers four times a day. Will that simply continue? Do we get six weeks free again? >

Unknown but … CENTRAL to the whole discharge process.

Section in that thread again … the BIBLE on hospital discharges ?

You cannot now rearrange the care, as she is now under the threshold.
In theory, the CHC checklist Assessment should be done BEFORE Social Services are asked to arrange care. That must be a good delaying tactic. Social Services should do a Needs Assessment for mum AND a Carers Assessment for you.
Someone else on here a while ago refused to provide her husband without any care on discharge, as she didn’t believe he was fit to be discharged.
Then you could also argue that mum needed some “rehabilitation” before coming home?

I think my mums needs are changing now. She is unable to feed herself and often forgets to eat if not promted by me (I hand feed her now).

Yep. Below the threashold. I am very hapoy with the care company, even though they cost more than a care home!!!

Any rehab would be physio I am guessing and mother doesnt weight bear so no chance of that sadly.

Hoe she stays in til monday …

Jacqueline, it sounds like her condition is deteriorating fast. Are you prepared for the “worst” if she has another heart attack?

I am as prepared as I can be. It is a strange time. Yearning for time on my own but also starting to grieve.

She was chatty enough this morning saying she feels much better now that she is home (she moved wards). Will ri g her in a bit.

I dont like this caring lark.

Yes, it’s difficult to know what to wish for.
My mum became so poorly that I realised that I couldn’t wish her to live a moment longer in the state that she was, although I didn’t want her to die., and I still miss her every day.
Are they talking to you about her condition?

Re-enablement care is different to rehab (rehabilitation). Its where she might be given up to 6 weeks free in either a small hospital or residential or nursing home while they try to see if she will get any better/improved. Sometimes it can also be given at home
BUT until they start talking to you about discharge, you just take the time to do as little as possible and to rest as much as possible.
When they do start talking about discharge, if they talk about her coming home , you keep saying it wouldn’t be safe because you are so tired. Just listen to what they say, say you need time to think, then come back here to tell us EXACTLY what they say.

you are not alone

Thank you mrs A. I will do nust that.

They sounded very keen to send her home yesterday. Today they simply said they were waiting for blood test results.

Hi Jaqueline
As before you are following in my footsteps. It is time to think about how you feel about prolonging treatment v managing decline. Does your mum have an “Allow natural death” form or just a “DNR”? Can you find an understanding consultant to discuss the options with ? If mum is deteriorating rapidly to the point of merely exisitng it is time to make some hard decisions, no right or wrong but decide what you feel would be for the best.

She is still chatty and contented when she doesnt need the loo!

Obviously a suspected heart attack (diagnosed from ecg readings) isnt ideal but health wise she could be fine for ages …

It is a strange time for sure.

It would be love!y if she could stop shouting help help help all the time! She says it helps to relieve the tension.

Not heard of an allow natural death form. We have a dnr in place. Will talk to hospital tomorrow.

It’s actually very GOOD from your point of view that she is shouting “Help, help” all the time, because that is NOT normal, and is a demonstration of her deteriorating mind. I’m sure it’s driving them nuts (I’ve been in a ward with a shouter!) but staff can go home at the end of a shift, you can’t!
It’s a while since I read the CHC Framework, but I know that there is something in it about behaviour. Might be worth checking yourself.
So many of us here have been in a similar situation, we will support you all we can. In the meantime, try to sleep. Maybe take a day off from visiting tomorrow? Visiting daily is going to make them think you are more likely to have her home again.

Yep … behaviour … one of the tests during the assessment process.

Fuller details on the MAIN CHC thread … link posted earlier.

Thank you both. I dont visit her as would take bours to get there and back and I need the rest.

Have read the behaviour section, all sections seem pretty extreme to get the higher scores but we’ll see.

I miss her! Dont miss the autohelps though.

Preliminary assessment checklist

The checklist covers the following categories (also known as ‘care domains’):

cognition (understanding)
psychological/emotional needs
mobility (ability to move around)
nutrition (food and drink)
skin (including wounds and ulcers)
symptom control through drug therapies and medication
altered states of consciousness
other significant needs.


**Shades of PIP … and the initial application success rate … many overturned on appeal ???

Put another way , try winning a card game with the dealer using a marked deck ???**

If they say that she has had an assessment for chc what then? Will they send her home?

I wish it was straight forward and that the hospital were better at communicating. It is a new person each time I ask …