" We Also Heard " ... Three Little Words That Might Resonant Throughout CarerLand For A Decade?

Green Paper , Social Care , thread … a summary from the Economic Affairs Commmittee in the House as to the present
state of play with the forthcoming Green Paper.


Those three words in context :


Witnesses were agreed that there was inadequate funding for adult social care and that increases in the proportion of working age people with care needs and an ageing population would increase this ‘funding gap’. > We also heard > there were substantial unmet care needs and that the system was dependent on a large number of unpaid carers.

Now two years overdue and only now we are finding out that our " Role " in social care has only just been identified ?

Just one question :


NO MENTION of that £ 140 BILLION … now rising faster than ever ???

Time for BOTH our supporting organisations to spell out , in plain English , their " Understanding " of the present situation.
( You CANNOT have a Green Paper on social care without the Carers Strategy as one is part of the other ! )

After all , is it not OUR potential future being decided in the House ?

Don’t we even get a look in , or have OUR say ?

Guest speaker thread … Professors Beresford / Clements … surely they would know ?


Time to send our that invite … after a YEAR of us asking ?

When ‘they’ figure out the cost of care, do they ever include the unpaid carers at the current carer wage, or do they assume unpaid carers will continue working for free, with or without the carers allowance pittance?

Sincerely hope they’re not going by the latter assumption! Has Carers UK or similar ever petitioned for, say, a living wage (or even minimum wage) for carers? Any thoughts Chris?

A few very interesting questions , R !

That £ 140 BILLION … unknown … suspect replacement costs as CA x number claiming only yields less than £ 3 Billion !

CUK … living wage … level of Carers Allowance ?

( Fairer for Carers being their latest policy … judge for yourselves : https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-area/members-corner/fairer-for-carers-34307?hilit=fairer%20for%20carers )

Suffice to say , thinking in 2019 can be best summed up inside one thread and , in the context of working and caring … and still
being way below the official poverty line :


If one were to start from square one … along the lines of … NO CARER SHOULD BE IN POVERTY AS A RESULT OF CARING … look towards a minumum weekly income of £ 215 ( Ignoring housing costs ) as a BARE minimum.
( Assume a 35 hour working week … £ 215 divided by 35 gives you £ 6.15 per hour … current minimum wage level ? )
TROUBLE IS , THERE ARE NO CARERS WITHOUT A CAREE … ONE MUST LOOK AT THE JOINT INCOME AVAILABLE.( Something I continue to emphasis … no point in solving the carer’s problem if the caree is left swinging in the wind … and , vice versa !!! A carer and a caree … a partnership … no caree ? … NO carer ! )

The " Social Wage " created by me inside CarerWatch some 11 years would have cured that problem !
Judge any figure quoted anywhere against that bench mark.

Thanks Chris. I know they only let mum home with 4x doubled up care because I was living with mum. Btw, never got any allowance as I’d been living in the US.

Your welcome.

If nothing else , just shows the chasm between a carer’s financial needs … and the pittance they are paid … as far as
the lucky 1 in 11 are concerned ???