Anybody have examples of CV, curriculum vitae, resumes


I had to include all words in the subject title for anyone else searching this site for similar posts. I did a quick search and “CV” is too common it said, the other words came up with no matches. I am a bit surprised.

Getting to my main point, Anybody have examples of CV, curriculum vitae, resumes after being a carer? Anybody know of websites that have template examples of CV’s after being a carer. I realise there are millions of CV examples otherwise, but as we are all carers or being cared for on this forum thought at least some people might have some examples, templates, website links or even conversations about the topic.

Love & Peace to all, we’re all need of varying degrees of both of them throughout our entire lives and no matter what day of the year it is.

Hello Mike,

I have just logged into the forum this evening. I haven’t been into the forum for many months. Your message re examples of CV’s resonates so much with me. I have been caring for my Mum for 8 years full time and often wonder about going back to work and what help there is/guidance available that supports a Carer to enter back into the world of work? How do you get references for example if you have not worked for such a long time. How clearly is it understood and valued by any future employer how a Carer can meet the criteria for jobs advertised? Explain how their experience as a Carer may support the necessary requirements of a role that is not Care related?

Just some of my thoughts I often ponder to myself. It makes it all too real how isolating and estranged from the world I feel in my caring role. I was once working full time in challenging and professional roles, I now feel de skilled and at a loss of what I can do when my caring role changes or ends.
It does not seem to be an area that gets much coverage how do people manage after caring?
I would welcome any responses too on this subject area.
Any contributions from others with experience hints or tips of this situation would be gladly received.

Best wishes from Kate

Hi both. I’m sort of on the other end of this, having taken early retirement due to my caring situation. I used to manage a Carers Centre, and found that one of the things that helped carers to return to work was making volunteering opportunities available to carers. In fact, for most of the last 10 years I was there, all of our paid staff were carers or former carers. That was a happy accident, as far as I was concerned.

But volunteering got me into that line of work after a gap when the caring situation got too much nearly 30 years ago, and I wanted to make sure that route into work remained possible.

I’ve found over the years that voluntary work is becoming more recognised, and many local organisations in the voluntary sector do have difficulties recruiting volunteers. Some help with CVs as part of their volunteer offer.

Template/sample CVs are hard to find without preconditions but I’ve found one at Reed Employment. It asks for your email and tells you you’re agreeing to emails from them, but there is the option to continue without agreeing to it. It opens a template example but you can then download a Word file that you can edit. CV examples and samples |

If you don’t have access to Word, there’s a Word alike software that’s free to download and use: I use it a lot. You can download it here: TextMaker

Hello Charles,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am in the process of applying for a volunteer role at my local hospital. I am hoping to find someway of re-entering the work place eventually.

Your experience is helpful to know about and the link to the free download is of great help too.

Thank you again,
Best wishes from Kate.