Puree food

Hi all,
Been reading lots of tips on here for a while, which your all brilliant.
I’m now in a quandary… what to do for best…
Mum 90 years young, 12 years ago had stroke which left her with left side weakness, claw hand, leg drag. Which has all been managed well, was going to bingo, darts, using walking sticks. Lots of falls change of mobility to W/chair, was still able to walk round flat look after herself with one Carer in evening. Lockdown not been kind, not seeing people, speech now not good, can barely understand her, uti beginning of dec, now can’t even stand with aid, having trouble with eating now, choking, hence last few days in hospital. Now sent home due to hospital being busy. All care in place, bed, hoist, etc. 4 carers.
On minced moist food, very frail, being referred community speech therapy to help, going forward, then being asked/told is it worth it as will make her tired etc.
Came out of hosp. This morning then had call about injections due for A.m.d. (Wet eye) agreed at first as said can do in wheelchair, but not going to be able to do eye test as can’t speak,
Really don’t know what to do, right now don’t know what decision do I make for best,
Siblings not had anything to do with care, I’m making all the decisions with care dealing with various people. ( Have asked mum what she’s wants but no response)
Sorry waffling on now,
Has helped just sounding off a bit

What’s the best minced/purée food delivery company ?

I can’t answer that, but I have a very small food chopper, cost about £20, so maybe that would help?

Hi Caz,
Sorry to hear how much the pandemic has affected your Mum.

Is your Mum’s loss of speech physical or cognitive or a combination?

Eye tests can be conducted whether a person can communicate verbally or not. Why not ring the clinic to discuss your concerns. Her poor eyesight might account for some of her falls and if improving her vision is possible then it’s going to also improve her quality of life.

Definitely worth having speech therapist - they will be able to advise re her eating and swallowing and re her speech and other ways of communicating.

Lots of companies do puréed ready meals, probably best to look at their menus and see which suits your Mum’s preferences or you could cook and freeze puréed regular meals. Beware, puréed food looks less on the plate than the same amount of food unpuréed would be.

Do you have thickener on prescription to add to her drinks?


Thank you all,

Been having eye injections for a few years now, plus had one cataract done, due to have other done soon. So have kept all of that up, so can sit an watch tv. Going to ring them bit later to postpone for a week or more, as don’t think up to it at moment.
As for speech saying down to post stroke. + Age related small vessel ischemic, carers going to work with her, therapist involved as a outpatient. Now got meds. To help stop Mucus build up to ie. choking.

Sounding off more than anything
One min yes can do all this to help, then due to situation with world at moment, plus due to frailty, best for her home, then you decide if you wanna put her through it.

Yes will look at purée food options.
Thanku x