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Hi My name is Angelina and my mum has suffered a stroke. She is now bedbound and has 2 carers 4 times a day but i am also visiting and caring for her as much as I can . I am her only living relative. Any follow up help is delayed such as an occupational health assessment due to coronavirus and it is all rather overwhelming.

Hello Angelina

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This sounds like a difficult situation for you, it sounds very overwhelming. It might be helpful to download our ‘Looking after someone’ guide from our support page:

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How old are you and mum?
Was there any proper discussion with you before discharge?

Hi Angelina
My husband is a stroke survivor too and so in the early days I would recommend you seek help wherever you can!

I don’t know how old your mum is, or the kind of stroke she has had but if she is home she should be entitled to some community neuro rehab. My husband got physio, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
Your local stroke association are worth contacting as well and will have a wealth of information for you, and what help is available for your Mum and you in your area.

Has your Mum had any inpatient rehab?
Even if she is home you can still look into specific neuro rehab centres. I travelled over 50miles to the one my husband got into.
I fought though, to get my husband into one but it is worth it. They got him fully continent again, his swallow back so he could eat normally and got him moving so he could transfer from wheelchair to car seat or bed etc and even do a few stairs! They take all ages too, there was a patient in there who was 86.

I found that many medics are too pessimistic with regards to outcomes. I was told my husband needed a permanent catheter and would never eat again but need to be peg fed for the rest of his life! He proved them wrong!

Wishing you luck, stay strong Angelina :hugs: