Re help with council tax


I have only recently realised I can claim a discount for council tax. The council have sent forms but have requested the date my son was first awarded DLA.

I rang the DWP and they said as my son has been transferred to PIP the initial date of his DLA award had been archived and they are not able to give me these details.

I am quite annoyed as you see in the press how they are able to go back many years to prosecute people!

Any advice much appreciated.
Thank you

What discount do you want to claim?
What is the nature of your son’s disability?
How old is he?
Do you own or rent the house?

Do you have bank any statements showing payments received.


I own my home. I have only just discovered I am entitled to claim 25% off my council tax as a carer.
The council have sent me the form but said they need the date of my sons DLA award to back date and the payment.
The DWP say they are not able to give a date when my son started to claim.

Thanks so much for replying.

If the discount you were hoping for was the carer discount, you won’t get it, as it doesn’t apply to parents caring for a child I’m afraid. Very unfair.

However if your son is over 18 with a learning disability, he’s exempt! And that can be backdated to his 18th birthday!!!


He is over 18 but only but does not have any learning disability.

The council did say they would back date. I did not know I could clam as I do not claim carers or any other benefit. But of course not without proof of his award.

Another poster asked if I had bank statements so I will ask the council if they will accept these as proof.

Many thanks

I did reply to thank you but I can’t see the post on here now so I apologise if two posts appear.

Thank you so much I did not think about bank statements.