Council tax need advice??


I have only recently realised I can claim a discount for council tax. The council have sent forms but have requested the date my son was first awarded DLA.

I rang the DWP and they said as my son has been transferred to PIP the initial date of his DLA award had been archived and they are not able to give me these details.

I am quite annoyed as you see in the press how they are able to go back many years to prosecute people!

Any advice much appreciated.
Thank you

Were both the DLA and PIP payments paid into a bank account, and if so were they for different amounts?

Checking the statements should give you the info: also the code for who paid the money in will be different. eg: we get payments for AA and State Pension and although they both come from DWP the code for the payments is different.

If the details have been “archived” the solution is simple. They will have to UN archive them!
Roughly how long ago was it?

I had backdated info from DWP covering forty years. It was given on computer paper. Your son was issued with a NI number to get his DLA - so it can be found.

Can’t the DLA department actually tell you his NI number? If your email them your request will be forwarded to the relevant information owner within the Department who will respond to you by the next working day.

If he is receiving any benefit, the NI number is usually printed somewhere on the correspondence. It’s the same number throughout life.

I’m a really “sad” person! I’ve known my husband’s NI number for at least 30 years off by heart, and also my disabled son’s. More recently, I can remember mine. Writing it down a few times seems to burn it into my brain hard drive. Introduce me to someone at a party, I’ve forgotten their name in a second!!!

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