Progress at last!

15 years ago my son with learning difficulties left residential care for supported living, against my wishes as I was recovering from major cancer surgery, under instructions never to care for anyone ever again. The harder I tried to make this possible, the more I was seen as a nuisance, the council told the Ombudsman that I was a serial complainer! Covid was an excuse to reduce my son’s care and make excuses galore about why they couldn’t visit, without ever asking if distancing was possible? Home is a cottage with half an acre! The SW was based at an office 50 miles away! I’m usually able to take most things in my stride, but my mental health was beginning to suffer. I employed a solicitor and the help of a local counsellor, my poor arthritic fingers are sore, but I’m delighted to report that all of a sudden SSD have changed their attitude completely and a new local SW will be visiting shortly. I’m so relieved.

That sounds like a step in the right direction.


Progress. Great… Hope you can at last get things sorted to your satisfaction for your son.

There was a remarkable difference in the tone of correspondence between 10am and 5pm. Something happened, I’m not sure what, but I’ll find out one day. Yesterday I was so cheesed off, tonight I’m smiling to myself.

Congratulation BB, if anyone deserves it you do.

Nice one, BB.
It is a shame, although a sad fact of life, that dealing with these people really is a lottery. As you say, I’ve no doubt that such a sudden charge of heart on their part seems like it was brought about by something specific.

All the best, anyway


Thank you, it’s costing a lot of money, but I’d reached the end of my thether. When I’m stressed, I “comfort eat” although my basic died is good.
Since the solicitor write a stern letter to Social Services, I’ve lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, lots more to go though.


I am sooo relieved you have found the necessary clout to deal with things. Hopefully this will take a load off your shoulders, and give your poor brain a rest.

I’m getting a bit fed up with them.
Couldn’t pay over the phone, had to make a BACS payment before they did any more work.
Paid last week, still the solicitor has done nothing more as she is still waiting to hear from her accounts department.
If she had told me she wanted proof, I could have given it to her!