Product reimbursement


14 months ago my mother had her first appointment with the incontinence clinic cancelled the day before it was due, because of Covid. She was also diagnosed with a rare form of dementia last year.

She’s been buying her own incontinence products during this time, spent around £1,000 that I can easily find invoices for. Does anyone know if there’s any chance of reimbursement of this from anywhere?

The only answer I’ve had from anyone you might expect to know is, “I don’t know”.

Hi Chris

It’s very difficult once purchased a get any money reimbursed. The pads are normally free once an assessment has been carried out. This can be done through a G.P. to an incontinence nurse etc.

Can I get incontinence products on the NHS?

You may be able to get incontinence products on the NHS depending on your local clinical commissioning group. To qualify for NHS products you may need to be assessed by a healthcare professional.

Does your Mother claim attendance allowance. Although she does not possible have to pay for these products. Attendance allowance can be for such uses.

I know she’s entitled to suitable products through the NHS, she was referred through GP to the incontinence clinic and due to Covid her first assessment was cancelled the day before the appointment, 14 months ago. 3 times in the following 7 months they contacted us to ask if an appointment was still necessary (“yes, desperately”) and one letter promising to set up a telephone consultation, that was 7 months ago and zilch since.

I’ve been told through various people the incontinence clinic is basically shut down at the moment.


Four years ago, when my mother’s incontinence became very noticeable, a district nurse assessed her and recommended TENA Pads. These weren’t very helpful, even after doubling them on the advice of a carer. The nurse was called back and my mother was refused anything more suitable. Since then I’ve been buying Sainsbury’s ‘Comfort fit for her’ Super which are excellent (2 a day, £9.80 per week on average).

On reading this post I decided to call the local NHS site and was told that an ‘out of policy request’ can made for suitable products, after another assessment has been made. I don’t think anything as helpful as the Sainsbury’s product will be available on the NHS but it’s worth looking into, which I’ll do this week.

Best wishes