Re Incontinence pads

Hi there im Karen in new to the site. I have terminal cancer but not at end of life. I have an incontinence problem and the shelf’s are empty at my local shops of tena ladies. I have asked for help from the hospital team but they say I need to be at end of life before I can have any. I can go out to get any. My family live miles from me and can’t really help. Is there anyone that could give me some advice please x

Try here, see if a local group can help.

Karen, your surgery should have a Continence Nurse who should be helping you.

Hello and welcome!

Contact the continence nurse at your GP practice for advice. They should be able to help you get some pads.

According to the last GP my wife spoke to at our large practice, they don’t have one. Maybe not all of them do; the District Nurse may be another avenue to explore.