Fed up with Incontinance pads

I get Incontinance pads from the Incontinance service. Most of the time they have no support so I’m waking up soaked in urine or soaking the sofa in wee. Sometimes it’s so bad that I change the pad every few minutes. Always sweating and no matter how much I wash I can smell pee .
I’m told that I’m on the highest pads and won’t do a catheter due to infection.

However I have bought the cheap pants from Tesco and omg they are so comfortable , I don’t feel like I’m wearing them and I’ve not had one leak.

Would I be able to ask the gp to get them on prescription?

I don’t know, Martine. I suspect the answer won’t be one you want to hear - but until you ask him/her you won’t know. It might be worth talking to your pharmacist first and showing them the Tesco one - they might know a way around this.


Worth asking. I have doubts to be honest. My friend had the NHS pads and asked but was declined. She ended up paying for Aldi own or Lidl which seemed much better.

Hello Martine

We couldn’t get anything but the pads from the district nurse here: utterly useless. And of course, social services couldn’t be bothered in lending any weight to the cause.

When we had carers one of the women tried doubling the pads but that didn’t work.

Now I buy the Sainsbury’s ‘Comfort fit for her’ Super pants for mum and they are very good indeed. They’re expensive at £7 for 10 but it’s more than worth it.

Best wishes, David