Problems with direct payments Carrer

Got career 8 hours per week but she missing some days coming late anyone else had the same issues she’s through a payroll company

Hi, It’s so annoying when this happens. The very odd occasion could, maybe, be forgiven if there’s very,very good reason, but a regular habit is not good. Once late, forgivable, missed call NOT. Caree endangered.
What proof do you have? The caree’s word, obvious things not done? Or are you able to testify as to non attendance etc because you were present? How does carer record her presence and work completed?
Call the agency when late or non show, follow up with e-mail. Take photos if appropriate. Make a record. Complain. Make a fuss. Tell people who are supplying direct payments. (Possible. Not quite sure about that one!)
Change carer or agency.
If you have direct payments you can chose the carer/agency.