Care Agency missed a call

Does anyone know if care agencies get notified if a call dosent turn up. My mums carers failed to turn up for her lunch call today. The care agency we use have to log in by phone when they arrive and when they leave surely this should have flagged up that no one had been. They then turned up a hour later to do her tea call but are unable to give her medication as it’s too close to the last one.

Report this to CQC.

Who pays for the carers?

She has recently gone on to CHC funding we are due the first review soon. They are not even staying for the full length of a call. They are currently blaming everything on staffing issues due to staff isolating.
My main concern now is that if I hadn’t spotted that they hadn’t been (thank god for cameras with motion sensors) nobody would have known.

The phone log-in is just a record for the employers, no different to clocking in at a factory. It won’t be monitored any more than weekly I wouldn’t have thought.

If a carer doesn’t turn up, I’d be phoning the agency after giving them about 15 minutes leeway, our carers are excellent in this regard, they phone me if they’re going to be five minutes late, sometimes I wish they wouldn’t as it usually gets me out of the shower!

The ramifications for dispensing the medication is worrying though and does need to be addressed by the agency if the next carers can’t show more common sense.

The care agency i currently use for my wife incorporates a logging in system on arrival. Which is monitored and i get a call after 15 mins if they have not logged in.
We are in the process of changing to a CHC funded agency and i am expecting to have similar issues with poor time keeping or no visits at all… :open_mouth:

We do usually get a call, but my bugbear is that some carers have a tendency to ignore the scheduled call time and turn up early when I am not ready for them and get cross if I refuse to let them in. My view is that I have to provide care for the other 23 hours and I have a heavy diary which I arrange around the carers scheduled times, I have to prepare before they arrive so they can get on with their role smoothly and be finished in the short time they are allocated. If I have not prepared it will take them a lot longer and they will have to root around our house to find stuff which I hate as it then increases my after visit sanitisation. I like to keep carers to the appropriate areas, my wifes, bedroom, bathrooms and passages. We complain but are told they are short of staff and can’t afford to upset anyone, but some carers just try to push it and are then out well before the 30mins they are paid for.