Previous lurker asking for Care assessment comments

Hi Ann … time to draft an official complaint … so as to aid others who have suffered the same fate ?

Even a copy to your gp as a reminder to him of his responsibles in all this ?

On record for anyone to pick up in the future.

Procedure ?

One guess … that NHS Bible on hospital discharges again ?

Ann, the next week or two will be an emotional roller coaster. DON’T visit mum every day, make sure she is settled, and tell her when you will be back, so Saturday or Sunday. Do NOT let her have any money or valuables at the home. They should have a system where they write down all mum’s expenses then give you an invoice for these at the end of the month, to pay from mum’s money.
As mum is currently self funding, she is still entitled to Attendance Allowance. Who arranged the home. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING the home give you as a contract, especially concerning fees.
It’s really important that she gets to know the staff and the routine, rather than just sitting waiting for your next visit. I’d suggest taking in some flowers.
With regard to mum’s finances, do you have Power of Attorney? If not, someone needs to talk to mum about this, either you or “Matron” at the home.

Ask the council to do a financial assessment asap, as it will take some time. In the mean time, if you haven’t done so already, get a big lever arch file, and gather together everything relating to her money, gas, electric, savings, bank statements, pensions etc.

I found the matron and care manager at mum’s home really good. I would often call in at the Nurses Station before visiting mum, especially when she was nearing the end, so that I was prepared for how she was when I went to her room.

If there is anything you are concerned about, share it here, there are many of us who have been down the same road.

Just in case it’s needed … AGE UK / care home fees … one of the most comprehensive guides currently available :

Paying for permanent residential care | Paying for a care home | Age UK

As you will learn , this aspect interlocks with the CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare thread.

All on the road from a hospital discharge … and the stops on the way … not for food / drink … for information.

Thanks. The home she is in is a community funded one with a good reputation but am alert for any issues. I was born cynical but still hoping to find gold nuggets lurking in odd corners :thinking:

The first month is regarded officially as a trial on both sides and haven’t been asked to sign anything yet. Extras are billed separately. I arranged the home as the card assessment in hospital was simply for 4 visits a day. Still planning my actions on raising that - don’t intend to let it lie. Especially as we will need another in the fairly near future when the money slides towards the £30000 point at which I have been advised to contact the SS.

I have financial POA and intend to apply for a care POA as a backstop (sorry!)


The diagram looks useful but it is for the USA, isn’t it? Rx apparently means ‘prescription’.

Thanks for the feedback , Greta … just what I have been seeking.

Possibly but … I use it as a visual guide as to what to expect from those responsible for decision making.

If there are more visual guides out there , I will incorporate them … superior to continuing bland text
… chalk and talk but no slides ( Taking the reader back to the classroom ? ).

Full sp on the whole works follows inside the main CHC / NHS Contining Healthcare thread.

It that leads to confusion , I’ll either replace or remove it.

I have been asking comments exactly like that for the past 2 months as so posted in the thread.

Not one reply … not even on colour coding … I just went ahead and did so … now easier to read / follow ???

Even no reply to that question !

Professor Luke Clements’ video … virtually THE standard lecturing tool … ONE comment , and very positive at that !

The words … FLOGGING / DEAD / HORSE … often spring to mind.

For the reader’s benefit … not mine.

( Copy of this reply now posted on the MAIN CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare thread ! )

Re discharge pathway. It is American and whilst investigating I came across this sentence from a summary of a UK paper on hospital discharges conducted in 2004:
The study showed that good team working and leadership are vital to the success of effective discharge planning, but these aspects are rarely investigated and few resources are targeted on improving them.” - no change there then :scream:

This (also American) leaflet containing a checklist would be useful to have as a starting point when confronted with the whole discharge process which - unknown to most people unless they come across this forum - can have serious financial, practical and emotional consequences in the future.


That’s Ann … I’ll have a trawl for UK ones … must be around somewhere.

Good job our lot copied the right USA flow chart … one for treating distressed pets over there is very similar ?

Would our lot have noticed the difference … signs of distemper / worming done / fur balls / fetching ball without any signs
of direction bias or wobbling in motion etc. … perhaps ?

Would bring a whole new dimension to the term " Unsafe hospital discharges ? "

( 2 possibles so far … neither will " Blow up " enough for anyone to read on here … mental health one better but … not in
the context of this thread nor CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare. Do like the end box … " Chuck back out in the care of the
community " … or words to that effect ? )

Just found this checklist for needs assessment. Apologies if it’s already been posted somewhere (information junkie)

Looking at the Beacon site which seems useful. Anyone used them?


Yep … shorten version of the guidance given on the main CHC / NHS thread :


All summed up in Prof. Clements’s video … for those perering a video explanation as opposed to bland text.