The care team leader is coming to assess mums care needs on wednesday. They are from the council who have been caring for mum since she came out of hospital.

I am not sure why they are reassessing her care package as they will be stopping it on the 28th of this month???

I told her we will be self funding and have already got two carers starting on the 29th.

I also said that as mum needs to go to the loo so often that the four times a day double visits (ie 2 carers) are needed and she said that they wouldnt be cutting down the number of visits. So why come???

Bit puzzled and dont want to say anything ‘wrong’ that may be misinterpreted later … Nervous.

Any ideas/simi!ar experiences???

Jaqueline, I think I am remembering your other thread correctly. Just make sure you appear to be in control of mum’s needs, don’t let them think you are sinking even if you are. My best advice would not be to mention the house at all , and make sure all your comments revolve around supporting mum’s best interests and not your own personal financial concerns regarding the house.Emphasise that as your mum is self funding she be able to afford adequate care.

Are you sure mum is “self funding” that she has over about 23,000 in savings?

Let them reassess mum, because at a later date she might become entitled to Continuing Healthcare, so this assessment will give them an opportunity to see and record what she is like now she has been home for a while. Inevitably her needs will increase over time, so they wlll be able to say “when she came home from hospital she could do this, but can’t do it any more”. The rate of decline is important I’m afraid.

The reason for the reassessment is simple. The immediate post hospital team only cover for 6 weeks, then clients get transferred to the long term team if they still need care and support.

Jenny thank you. Will focus on mothers needs. It is so good having the carers in. Her needs have increased since coming home. Her appitite has gone right down (dr is sending a dietician) and she barely moves at all and chooses to stay in bed most of the day. She gets very distressed during her personal care visits and has tried to hit and bite the carers.

In between times she is pretty chatty and contented thankfully. House no. Mothers needs yes, thanks again.

Bowlingbun, yep she is definately above the 23,250 mark at the moment! Wont be long at over 800 a week once our carers start. They are so nice (as the crt team carers have been). Good point about having a record of how she is now to compare with later once I ask for direct payments. Want to keep pur carers on if possible.

Hope she finds having the same two carers all the time easier to put up with …