Moan Electronic prescriptions

My caree forgot to do her medications, she needs to go on the internet and order every month, you can’t phone, you can’t go in, internet only.

She has ordered her medication, it is electronic, so faster than manual print it out, go to the doctors collect the prescriptions etc.

But the prescriptions will not be ready until late next week?

Why so slow, the electronic prescription should go through in the morning, pick up tablets in the evening.

No it doesn’t work like that.

It took 3 days for man to get to and land on the moon in 1969 over 50 years ago, but we have to wait up to a week for tablets.

Something very wrong here.

48 hours is what it takes here.

If I try to contact various places, like National Savings etc I never get an answer, just told to wait.
I know that everywhere is short staffed but I do wonder if some firms’ employees who should be
answering the phone are taking this virus as an excuse to put their feet up and ignore phone calls.
Maybe I’m being too cynical ?

Well I learned an awful lot today, I was told that the electronic prescriptions do not go straight to the chemist, they go to an electronic NHS Hub, although the GP may send the prescription at 9.05 am.
It might arrive at the chemists anytime 2pm, 7pm, or 9.38pm, there is no control by the GP or the chemist, it happens when it happens.
But also electronic prescriptions do not cover controlled drugs such as Tramadol, so that has to be done manually, yes someone has to drive the chemists and pick up a bit of paper.

You just can’t make it up can you, a more complicated and un patient centred system.

And to really put the cherry on the cake , you look on the electronic order your prescriptions site, you order your prescriptions and it tells you your prescription is ready on say the 24th.

Except that the complicated computer system cannot work out weekends and bank holidays.
That’s the complicated computer system that our taxs are paying for.

It just seems to be Russian roulette, you have more chance of winning the lottery than getting your tablets on the day you need them.
You cannot order the tablets too soon not allowed, so you order when allowed but you have to wait a week.

This prescriptions system is supposed be more efficient, make it easier for the GP, certainly doesn’t make it easier for the patients who need the drugs in the first place.