Posting after invite topic on here, difficult to follow the

I just joined and was invited to say a wee piece, but the original postvdid notvhave a link to add a comment!

I have been a carer for almost 18 years, from Harlow Essex to Troon Scotland where we stay now. British Gas email had the link to join. I dont want to add more yet till advice given to the above.

Hello Raymond and welcome to the forum

If you wish to start a topic about your caring situation then the best place to post it is in the “New to the Forum” section at the top of the Board Index page.

Click on the “New to the Forum” heading and then click on the red “Post a new topic” tab at the top of the page. This will open a new message window.

Are you using a mobile phone? On mine (Android) to post a reply you have to go to the top of the screen, which is a nuisance! Easier on a tablet or computer.