Please help

Hello everyone I’m emma and would like some help with the carer allowance … a few months ago i was a carer for my friend as she had many health issues and she applied for the carers allowance for me and she thought it would both of us … anyway for circumstances I couldn’t be her carer anymore which she understand stood I never did receive any allowance but last night I had a dwp text message saying there sending me a letter out in 10 ten days with the decision does this mean I will still get the back payment as this is all confusing for me

Hi Emma … welcome to an extremely quiet forum.

In the circumstances as so described , an odd one to say the least.

Seems as if nothing can be done until you received the letter from the DWP.

If said letter confirms that Carers Allowance is granted , you would need to respond along the lines of
… " Thank you very much. Due to a change of circumstances , please terminate my claim for Carers
Allowance from the xx / xx 20xx." … which can be done online as a " Change of circumstances. "

Carer's Allowance: report changes - GOV.UK

Monies will be paid from the date of the claim to the date you select to terminate it.

That about sums it up … I have a suspicion there may be a little more … ?

( Very few could survive on Carers Allowance without access to other income ? )

Emma, make sure you receive what you are legally entitled to, you have earned it and deserve it.