Plantar Fasciitis - very painful feet/heels

I have been suffering with very painful feet/heels for the past year, which has gotten worse since last December.

I had a phone conversation with a GP about a month ago asking if they could refer me to the local Podiatrist, as I used to see one over 10 years ago and have arch supports that I need new ones. The GP said just to use Analgesic cream. Which I have done, but it doesn’t help.

I had another phone consultation with another GP, and went through explaining everything. Although they said there’s ‘no cure’, they said to phone back in a couple of weeks time. I’d have thought it’s not so much about there being a ‘cure’, but managing the pain.

I get it a lot but the G.P. and physio just say to do exercises. Sometimes it helps.

I’ve used large tins of beans. When sitting keep rolling the tins back and forth under your feet. I do wear trainers with memory foam.

Plantar fascia stretch

Sit down and rest the arch of your foot on a round object (e.g. a tin of beans).

Roll the arch in all directions for a few minutes.

Repeat this exercise at least twice daily.

It does work just do it when watching TV or reading.

Both my sister and I suffer with this too - we’ve found that cushioned heel supports help a lot. You can buy them in most pharmacies; also available on Amazon

Try foot orthotics, I’ve worked my way through loads of varieties in the last 20 years, ranging from £5 to £600 and no rhyme or reason to which work the best- trial and error. These helped me more than splints, steroid injections, ultrasound- I’ve tried the lot.

I suffered from this and after a bit of a wait received an appointment with a physio. She advised me to stand on my toes on a step and perform 3 sets of about 20 reps of calf raises (or working up to this from whatever is comfortable). I did this group of sets 3 times per day. Within a few days the plantar fasciitis had improved by about 50% and in time the condition had improved so much that the physio discharged me after only 3 visits. I didn’t even have a limp.

It has returned, I must admit, and it is now up to me to get going again with the exercises, but neither the pain nor the weakness is anywhere near as bad as it was.

I have had this condition, I saw a physio who gave deep tissue massage on my feet, the result was brilliant, after two visits never looked back. This was a private physio, not NHS,

Could be worth a try.

I used to see someone for Reflexology, which was great. Unfortunately she tried selling me having a back massage; so stopped. I suppose, now it wouldn’t be appropriate with how my feet are.