I finally got my appointment with the Podiatrist last Friday. They fitted new insoles. which I struggled to get my feet back in my shoes to try walking in the hallway to try them on.

The last insoles I had fitted was over 20 years ago, but now how things have changed. They don’t do foot casts like they did fitting insoles to my feet, but due to NHS cuts the Podiatrist says they have ready made insoles - so it’s a one size fits all scenario; making me feel shouldn’t have bothered seeing them.

The Podiatrist said I could leave a message for them to phone me back if I had any problem, which I have done. I don’t know how this is now going to be resolved, as they told me to walk in them 20 mins a day for the first week. All I can do is wear them in my slippers instead, all I can manage. I’m using the spare pair had made with the first lot, which haven’t been used so much so still provides enough support in my shoes.

they do tend to come off the shelf. Only the most complex cases have a cast taken. However if they should still have measured your feet to ensure the corrective bits are in the right place.

I have insoles and I have to buy bigger shoes to accommodate them and take out the manufacter’s insole in some of them first.


All they did was ask what size shoes I take. When I explained my feet are size 5, but I always buy size 6 to leave room for thermal insoles etc; including Podiatry insoles. So I don’t know which size they went off, I’d have though my foot size was the more appropriate one.

I’ve struggled really badly since the start of this year trying to get a referral to Podiatry, and now this. Sick of being ‘shoe-horned’ into the system.