Fingertip splits - Steristrip solution!

Every winter, the tips of my fingers tend to split, and they can be really painful. On Monday I ran out of plasters a suitable size, but whilst looking through an Ikea first aid kit I’d bought ages ago, I came across some steristrips. I put one across each split to hold it together. Made an amazing difference. I bought some in Tesco’s pharmacy, they were quite expensive, but then checked on Amazon. I could get a bulk box for about £10! They are robust enough to cope with cooking and typing, and I didn’t end up with a soggy plaster and permanently damp finger, which doesn’t aid healing.


What a G r e a t idea BB

Three days later, no splits!

It’s such a simple obvious solution, so why did it take me so long to work it out?!

It would have saved mum so much discomfort, she seemed to spend every winter with plasters on her fingers.

My skin is always at it’s worst in March, I have hand cream in every room, in the drawers of my sewing desk etc. Always just my left hand, but I’m left handed so that one does lots more work. I always use rubber gloves for washing up anything that doesn’t go in the dishwasher too.

Does anyone else have any magic remedies?

I have done this before BB - I have also used them on cracked heels.

Penny, I’d never thought of that use either! Thanks for the tip.

I go to the chiropodist regularly and rub in loads of foot cream, but sometimes still get cracks. Last time I was in Crete the little shop near the hotel sold foot cream with olive oil and beeswax, I liked it so much, bought about 4 tubes. Gave a sample to my friend Helen, she bought loads too, and then our friend Chris cleared them out of what was left! No cracks all holiday although we were all in open sandals for a fortnight.

Heya. Perhaps a home foot spa can help. Research the different models and make some brief summary notes on your own options. There are a few that are available on the market these days. Take a close look online in order to find one that will work. Compare costs and analyse the features of the actual product in question in addition. Best wishes. Request a bit more information first of all.
Or see if you can get a cheap but nice massage tool in lieu of that. Try it anyway and see what happens as a result of making more inquiries. Look at old reviews of foot spas on top of that. Read beyond the lines of the original review to learn much more about the product.